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Aren't you exasperated with finding a specific posting that you saw on your social network page?
Wouldn't you be delighted to be informed of and join Groups of people that have a specific interest?
Wouldn't you be ecstatic if you were regularly informed of events that are happening within a distance from your place of work or stay so that you can participate?

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The power of iTWINE's Social Networking Platform Lattice

Stop spending time searching!! Start participating!!

Do you miss a place where you can share your interests with likeminded people? Social Networking is where you can find likeminded people anywhere and pursue your common interest together
The platform suggests events near you based on your interests, so you don't miss out on events or activities. You can also create events yourself and find likeminded people for your events and activities.
There are no adds, commercials, or irrelevant posts from unknown people. Your newsfeed is clean and streamlined, containing only posts from your interest groups and events about your interests. No more noise and time-waste.

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Lattice - Enabling society!!!

iTWINE's Lattice (Social Network platform) has been designed fundamentally with the objective to address niche groups who intend to keep their members together and enable them manage their "Groups" and "Interests" in a very controlled, secured and organized manner. The focus is to make interactions and information easily accessible.

The core philosophy in the design of iTWINE's Lattice starts with the formation of selected "Group" and tagging them to common interests within the Group. Creating "Events" within the "Group". Members are invited to join these "Groups" and "Events". To manage the activities, memberships and content of a Group, a "Group Administrator(s)" is assigned.

iTWINE's Lattice allows users to share ideas, activities, events, and interests within their individual networks



  • View your selected Groups, Events, Chats of which you are a member of and participate
  • Be informed of new Groups and Events that match your interests with options to join or leave at any time
  • Create Groups that are open to all or by invitation - circulate amongst people who either you know or are likeminded
  • Minimize information overload - see information that is of your relevance
  • Each Group manages and is responsible for the content of information presented - maintain control in your hands
  • Communicate through postings/chats with individuals/your Group to keep them personal
  • Use familiar user interfaces used by most popular networking sites - minimize relearning and begin participating

Potential User Groups

  • Niche Social Groups - Groups that are dedicated to specific topics or interest such as Soccer, Music, Culture, Arts, Health and Wellness, Healthcare Givers and Patients, etc.
  • Society Clubs - for and between the Administration and its Members
  • Corporate - HR, Product Trainings / views / feedback / corporate communications / agents / resellers, etc.
  • Colleges and Schools - Institute Management, Teachers, Students, inclusive of Parental participation
  • Geographic specific topic
  • And moreā€¦.

Advantages of Social Networking for Society

  • Connectivity -People from anywhere can connect with anyone, regardless of the location. The beauty is that you can connect with anyone to learn and share your thoughts.
  • Education -Connect with experts and professionals. Enhance knowledge about any field regardless of your location and education background.
  • Help -You can share your issues with the community to get help and guidance.
  • Information and Updates -Update yourself from the latest happenings around in the world.
  • Noble Cause -Enhance the ability to contribute for a noble causes.
  • Awareness -Create awareness and innovate the way people live that can enhance personal lives.
  • Helps in Building Communities -Build and participate in community development

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