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A solution that cares for your patient -- because you care!!

A solution that conforms to existing US healthcare industry standards:

Certification Commission for Healthcare Information Technology - CCHIT,
HL7 standards,
Patient Data Confidentiality

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iTWINE's Electronic Medical Record (EMR) with Practice Management (PM) solution

iTWINE Technologies, a nearly two decade young IT Solutions and Services company based in Bangalore, India, brings you their EMR, a web based next generation solution that will enhance your capability to have the most comprehensive and up-to-date information of your patient -- thus enabling you to take the best knowledged decision for the wellbeing of your patient ..Because you care....

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  • Replacing paper-based medical records which can be incomplete, fragmented (different parts in different locations), hard to read and (sometimes) hard to find -- thus Providing a single, shareable, up to date, accurate, rapidly retrievable source of information, potentially available anywhere at any time. Requiring less space and administrative resources.
  • Potential for automating, structuring and streamlining clinical workflow - thus ensuring your patient receives timely attention, support, alerts and reminders with minimum, wait. That the clinic is prepared to receive the patient and all facilities are ready.
  • An integrated support system for a wide range of discrete care activities including decision support, monitoring, electronic prescribing, electronic referrals radiology, laboratory ordering and results display.
  • Ability to contribute to continuing medical education.
  • Maintenance of data and information trail that can be readily analyzed for medical audit, research and quality assurance, epidemiological monitoring, disease surveillance

Features of iTWINE's EMR

Health information and data

Result management

Order management

Decision support

Electronic communication and connectivity

Patient support

Administrative processes


Professional Documentation

Dragon Voice Recognition

Practice Management

Integration to Pharmacy Services:

Integration to Insurance Organizations

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