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Core Offering from iTWINE

SCM Solutions Advisory

Logistics, Distribution & Transportation
Third Party Logistics
IT strategy consultation
Scheduling and Optimization Needs
IT strategy consultation
Integration of Application Systems
With extensive experience of providing management solutions using appropriate technologies, our team of architects and designers can offer high-end consultation. Our focus is Supply Chain Management covering distribution, transportation and logistics as also third party logistics.

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Remote Software Development

Having handled several large, resource intensive software projects, iTWINE can take up assignments to be executed at its own development center away from client locations. Working as an extension of your core IT group, iTWINE can help you right from formulating your long-term IT policy and planning for your IT initiatives to owning complete responsibility for: - Architecture - Development Management - Resource Management - Infrastructure iTWINE follows a system of process-based execution that ensures smooth progress. From one milestone to another! Clients are kept informed, in real time, through Eagle, iTWINE's very own project monitoring system, which can be accessed through a web browser.

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Re-engineering & Integration

Migration studies and implementation - Web enabling legacy applications - Interfacing of open systems with legacy applications iTWINE's team can undertake System Integration assignments involving both legacy and open systems. Study of present system / applications and its base-lining are followed by creation of web-enabling interfaces. Database migration and backend / platform migration will be taken up after a well-studied cost-benefit analysis. All these are done in phases and you move from legacy system to open system, with minimal pressure points. iTWINE also provides integration services for certain proprietary technologies like NonStop Himalaya (Tandem) systems.

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Prefab Components for Business Functions Custom-made solutions delivered fast!

Unlike a products company or a general IT solutions services provider, iTWINE provides IT solutions using its pre-fabricated software components for standard business functions, in building the software..

Tools & Products

Solutions that iTWINE offers to verticals such as Manufacturing, Logistics and ecommerce help customers maintain their competitive advantage in the market place. iTWINE has a rich repository of software components addressing several business functions and also addressing core software development needs. This component repository enables iTWINE to deliver solutions in a very short time but as good as tailor-made.

Following is a brief list of components iTWINE uses in its offerings:


Order Management
Material Management
Vendors & Job Orders


Pricing & Booking
Bill of Lading & Manifest
Job Orders
De-stuffing & Dispatch
Scheduling & Tracking


User Administration
Communication I/F
Payment Gateway
System Startup
Data Access
Exception Handler
GIS Data Management

Solutions and services that iTWINE offers to verticals such as Manufacturing, Logistics, Third Party Logistics, Distribution and Retail help customers maintain their competitive advantage in the market place. A slew of prefabricated business components, system components and tools developed by iTWINE give these solutions just the razor-sharp edge that is needed.