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The pencil and paper walk-around method to document vehicle damage is now OBSOLETE !!!

You lose money when an employee neglects to report damage during the check-in process. You need to prove beyond doubt that the damage occurred while the vehicle was in the possession of a Customer. Due to improperly documented vehicle damage, auto rental industry collectively lose millions of dollars annually. Customers don't feel protected. Customer service levels drop as a result of improper damage recording and disputes
It's Time to Ensure Customer Confidence, Loyalty and Satisfaction !!

Let's stop leaving money on the table!! Let's give back the power to our Customer !!

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iTWINE's Fleet and Rental Management!!

iTWINE's Fleet and Rental Management solution uses Mobile and Web-based app technology to manage the complete process of:

Customer Order booking to execution,

Fleet management

Document vehicle status during and after the rental process.

Definitively manage your Fleet through iTWINE's Damage Control module:

Decrease Damage Disputes while preserving great customer service

Increase Damage Expense Recovery Claims

Enforce a thorough Asset Condition Review by both employees and customers through a predictable and systematic process

As the saying goes "Pictures speak a thousand words" introducing the concept of pictures that are irrefutable yet retaining Customer Confidence, Loyalty and Satisfaction.

Technology will leverage and ensure consistency, conformity and reliability. It will ensure fairness in the process.

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Core Benefits

Streamline the rental process.

Technology Solution

Manage your Customer Orders

Document Damages that are Irrefutable

Avoid Disputes on Miles and Fuel

Share Information with your Customer

Enhance Customer Service

Empower Your Customer

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