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iTWINE Technologies has been in the forefront in the delivery of technologically advanced solutions. iTWINE's Hostel Management System caters to either an Aggregator and/or the Hostel Property Owner. iTWINE's Hostel Management System is a single-stop solution that addresses the complete requirements of the Hostel Owner/Aggregator and its Customers from publishing the details of the Hostel, to reservations to billing .

Why do you need such a comprehensive solution?

There are a lot of expectations of these Customers! Only a comprehensive solution will help you deal with it. It must not only address the Customers' expectations but also give the flexibility to Hostel Property Owners the ease to configure their property and facilities and manage the charges and billing appropriately. iTWINE's Hostel Management System does just that!

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Expectation of Hostellers

There are many advantages of living in a hostel.

  • A hostel provides a congenial atmosphere for study/work. Serious people learn many good things in hostels.

  • There is a fixed time for everything.

  • People have to lead a disciplined life and they learn regularity and punctuality.

  • In hostels, people can get help from others.

  • They have the opportunity of reading newspapers, magazines and other useful books in the reading room attached to a hostel.

  • In a hostel, the people learn many useful lessons of life. They have to do everything for themselves. This creates in them the habit of self-reliance.

  • In many hostels, the residents have to manage the mess as well. This helps them to learn how to manage a home and spend money carefully. Therefore, hostel-life is a preparation for the domestic life later.

  • People learn to have regard for others, to live with others and to help one another in times of need. Hostel life helps to develop a sense of fellow feeling.

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